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اگر به دنبال بازی های هیجانی و گرافیکی برای گوشی اندرویدی خود هستید به شما پیشنهاد می کنیم که به هیچ عنوان Iron Sky Invasion را از دست ندهید . در این بازی شما باید تمام تلاش و اهتمام خود را به کار برده و از سیاره خود در برابر مهاجمین و دشمنان محافظت کنید . بیش از ۱۸ ماموریت در این بازی وجود داشته که بایستی تمامی آن ها را پشت سر بگذارید . دقت داشته باشید که همه چیز برای نابودی دشمن اعم از سفینه های بسیار قدرتمند و سلاح های مرگبار آماده شده است . از قابلیت اصلی این بازی می توان به وجود سفینه های قدرتی ، سلاح های مرگبار ، گرافیک بسیار عالی ، جلوه های صوتی بی نظیر و وجود ماموریت های هیجان انگیز اشاره داشت . همچنین لازم به ذکر است که این بازی از زبان های انگلیسی ، اسپانیایی، آلمانی ، فرانسوی ، ایتالیایی، چک، لهستانی، چینی، کره ای ، ژاپنی پشتیبانی می کند .

تغییرات نسخه اخیر:

رفع مشکلات اجرا بر روی گوشی  Galaxy S3  و گرافیک Adreno200

رفع برخی اشکالات جزئی موجود در بازی




Iron Sky: Invasion
Blast into outer space and straight into battle!
This dynamic space combat simulator puts you in control of Earth’s fleet, as mankind valiantly defends the Blue Planet from vicious invaders and their armada of deadly UFOs.
Built out of passion and love for old-school space sims, “ISI” is a nod towards the immortal classics, created by their fans and for their fans, to combine their timeless concepts with modern graphics and performance.
Whether it’s your smartphone or a tablet, with “ISI” any device will instantly turn into the deck of an advanced futuristic space fighter, and take you into detailed, realistically rendered outer space, filled with explosions and dozens of special effects.
- 18 missions – from fast targeted strikes, to deep space ambushes against heavy fleets. (6 missions in the Free version.)
- 7 advanced spaceships in 3 classes: heavy bombers, classified experimental fighters, and the ultimate space juggernaut equipped with particle cannons. (4 ships in the Free version.)
- Star awards: win silver stars and unlock new ships after each mission – or revisit previously completed tasks with brand new vessels.
- Numerous enemy ships, from lethally fast fighters to armored space giants.
- Triple weapon system: choose between fast long-ranged laser cannons, powerful but slower rockets, and fully automatic plasma launchers.
- Rechargeable shield: keep your ship protected even in the most critical moments.
- Hawk-Dove in space: keep your nerves steady and avoid the enemies’ homing missiles at the last second.
- Space salvage: turn enemies into hot metal and collect it, to recharge your shields and for profit.
- Ammunition pickups: allied ships regularly drop ammo crates to keep your trigger finger busy.
- Combo attacks: the faster you blow up the enemies, the greater the multiplier of your score will be.
- “Bleeding” attacks: take the toughest enemies down piece-by-piece, from destroying their cannons to blowing up their engines.
- Space strategy: discover secret weak points of armored enemies, and go in for a surprise attack.
- AI assistance: when things get too hot, count on AI-controlled allies and smart auto-cannons equipped on selected ships.
- Cosmic destruction: if dogfights are not enough to keep your cannons hot, take on the environment and blast meteorites and asteroids into space dust.
- Freedom of combat: from mission to mission, your progress will be stored, allowing you to take a break and continue whenever you want.
- Fully customizable interface layout: resize and change the positions of all control buttons, for maximum comfort and combat efficiency
- Two control methods: steer your ship with a virtual joystick or your device’s accelerometer
- Rich musical score, voice-overs and sound effects, with fully adjustable volume for quieter environments
- 12 languages: localized in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Czech, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

App Screenshots

Iron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnailIron Sky Invasion - screenshot thumbnail

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