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با پرش های خود، در فضا سفر کنید! Little Galaxy یک بازی سرگرم کننده برای اندروید با گرافیک بسیار خوب است. در این بازی شما با پرش در فضا و جمع آوری آیتم های موجود در هر مرحله، مراحل بازی را سپری می کنید. بازی دارای سیاره های مختلف و جوایز فراوان است.




● “Little Galaxy has all the ingredients of a portable classic” –
● “It’s galactic!” –
● “You should definitely get this one!” –
● “IGN reviewed it, Destructoid covered it, I’m telling you to go download it immediately.” –
● “Gorgeous game that still retains a bit of challenge and replayability” –

Little Galaxy is a game inspired by a real story of a young scientist, who reached out for his dream to find a new home. We have met this boy and were touched by his story as he lost everyone and everything, we are trying to help him to build functional prototype of jumping space boots so he can start his journey.

We ran out of money and because we are definitely better at making games than building strange space travel prototypes, we have made this game. We want to use it to get the necessary funding to help him. Please help the boy and please help us to spread the idea of space jumping!

Little Galaxy is all about space jumping, simple one touch game play, lovely graphics, challenging quests and star dust on your cheeks.

• Space jumping and more space jumping, and yes, space jumping
• One touch game play
• Intuitive gravity mechanics
• Dozens of stages with challenging quests
• Unique levels re-generated after every replay
• Many planets, power ups, bonuses and combos

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We hope you enjoy the game.

Have fun!! :)

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★SALE★ Little Galaxy - screenshot thumbnail★SALE★ Little Galaxy - screenshot thumbnail★SALE★ Little Galaxy - screenshot thumbnail


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