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Captain America یکی از پر ترفدارترین بازی های اکشن که برای سیستم عامل های اندروید ساخته شده است..در نقش Captain America به عنوان اولین انتقام گیرنده بازی کنید.شما باید با استفاده از سپر و فنون جنگی سربازان دشمن رو به زانو در بیارید در نقش یک سرباز عالی آمریکایی که در سبک رزمی و اکشن می باشد، بازی کنید. این بازی دارای گرافیک خوب و گیم پلی عالی می باشد همچنین کلیدهای بازی دارای لمس دقیق و عالی می باشد.




Sentinel of Liberty features stunning HD graphics! Play as the Super Soldier Captain America in this epic action game. As WW2 rages, Red Skull is leading HYDRA as they build super weapons that will turn the tide of the war. To make matters worse, Falsworth, Dum Dum Dugan and Bucky have been captured. Go behind enemy lines to rescue them and put an end to the sinister plot. Use your unbreakable shield to battle, block, and maneuver your way on what seems like a suicide mission.

Unleash epic combat moves as you take down HYDRA soldiers! Shield slide to traverse difficult terrain, perform takedowns in mid-air or on the ground, and launch your shield for long-range attacks.

Spectacular graphics and precise touch controls combine to give Sentinel of Liberty fluid cinematic action. Execute wall runs, slide under traps, and unleash devastating combo attacks with dynamic intensity you can feel.

Take down machine gun wielding enemies and maneuver around land mines on battlefields of WWII. Make your way through the secret HYDRA hideout and take down the evil Red Skull.

24 levels, each with multiple pathways and hidden areas, unfold over three massive episodes. Impressive unlockables, high score leaderboards, and tons of extra features add to the massive gameplay experience

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Captain America - screenshot thumbnailCaptain America - screenshot thumbnailCaptain America - screenshot thumbnailCaptain America - screenshot thumbnail

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