Gangster Granny v1.0

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مادر بزرگ گانگستر یکی از جدید ترین بازی های اندروید می باشد که هنوز وارد گوگل پلی نشده است !شما نقش مادربزرگی را بازی می کنید که با مافیا ارتباط دارد و باید مراحل مختلف بازی را با او پشت سر بگذارید .بازی به سبک شوتر سوم شخص می باشد و شما باید با کنترلر های بازی با مادربزرگ حرکت کنید و با تفنگ های گوناگون بازی به دشمنان سر راهتان شلیک کنید .بازی دارای گرافیک سه بعدی جذاب و همچنین محیط زیبا و رنگارنگ انیمیشنی می باشد .بازی دارای ۱۰ تفنگ می باشد که می توانید آن ها را آزاد کنید و همچنین ۹ مرحله طولانی در انتظار شماست .



Number 1 game in Adventure category in more than 40 countries is finally available on Google Play! Follow Gangster Granny on her journey to rob the biggest bank in city and defeat anyone who tries to stop her!

“Someone once told me, that some time ago in some place far away, there was this Old Granny. For some reason she was called Gangster Granny. Not so much for her connection with mafia families, but for her terrible deeds. Bank robberies, stealing gold, buying the most powerful weapons and getting into conflicts with the law all described her personality perfectly. The moment came when there was one last job to do – to rob biggest bank of the city. Granny did her best, but unfortunately she got caught and was sent to prison for a long time. You may think this was the end of it… But one day she got a package delivered to her cell from a secret sender, and there was a gun in it… Looks like it’s time for her to finish the job she had once started!!!”

• Funny cartoon-style characters and colorful levels with different environment!
• More than 10 unlockable weapons in different classes!
• Different types of enemies and objectives to complete each level!
• Easy, user friendly controls over the 3rd person character!
• ۹ unlockable levels, able to be replayed over and over again!

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Gangster Granny v1.0Gangster Granny v1.0

Gangster Granny v1.0

Gangster Granny v1.0

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