Motoheroz نام یک بازی زیبای ارائه شده از شرکت Ubisoft برای گوشی و تبلت های اندرویدی است. بازی دارای گرافیک بسیار خوبی است و در آن قوانین فیزیک بخوبی اجرا شده است تا شما را در پیمودن مراحل بازی به چالش بکشد! شما در این بازی با موتور های چهار چرخ خود، از سخره ها و جاده های کوهستانی بسیار خطرناک بالا می روید و باید توانایی خود در کنترل موتور در چنین شرایطی را بخوبی نشان دهید تا بتوانید پیروز مسابقات شوید.



From RedLynx, creators of DrawRace 2 and Trials HD!

MotoHeroz takes the fun, fast gameplay of a Trials style game, adds it to a frantic rally race, and delivers a fresh new kind of side-scrolling, platform racing game.

Players race, chase, and rally their way through a brightly colored world, competing against their friends for the fastest times, entering daily races, and hunting for secrets and coins.

Inspired by the critically acclaimed WiiWare game MotoHeroz, named “Best WiiWare Game of the Year” by IGN and Nintendo Life!


- Physics-based racing: fun gameplay with 6 vehicles in 30 exciting tracks
- Single player fun: Unlock tracks by beating opponents and different challenges
- Fun for many: Race against your friends in asynchronous multiplayer on each track
- Claim the top spot: Global and Friends Leader Boards let gamers compete against each other
- Fully optimized: File size under 20 Mb and blazing fast load times, instant restarts
- Upgrade your vehicle and acquire in-game goodies for super boosts
- Gather secrets: Find all of the hidden treasures to beat the game 100%
- Think you got what it takes to top the charts in MotoHeroz? Then Prove your worth in the One Shot challenges!


“MotoHeroz is a remarkable achievement in track design and high score-chasing.” – Pocket Gamer

“It’s another downloadable delight from a developer that takes having fun very seriously indeed.” – Eurogamer

“MotoHeroz is another fantastic entry in a genre that RedLynx has taken command of.” — ۱۴۸ Apps

*Game available in English.
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